Stuff that's happening soup.

In local news, we have an arsonist in my town. So far they've kept to empty houses, yay housing market bubble, but who knows how long that will last. Saw a fire last night that was probably one of theirs, was only about a mile away.

The hard drive I had my OS on fried. In order to get my computer back up and running again, I had to install XP on my other drive. Good thing I only had about 200 gigs of data to loose.

In what I've been playing there's Rock Band and Virtua Fighter 5. I make a mean Vanessa, ranked warrior in quest mode, and am having fun with both games purely deterministic natures. Not that I get to play as much as I'd like.


  1. in local news...what town do ya live in?, as i'm a bit south of Atlanta and we get all kinds of stuff like burned down chuches etc on my end of town..just wondering so I know to keep a look out or not.. :D

  2. I'm in Arizona, a ways south of Phoenix. Arson isn't terribly common around here, and always a pretty big concern considering how dry we everything is.